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What does Greenhai do?

Greenhai Biotechnology is engaged in supplying and distributing environmental friendly products to global markets, focuses on food health and sustainable development. This is the origin of GREENHAI.


Tracing all processes in each step of supply chain.


Sourcing, inventory, shipment, documents and quality controlling.


Quality is always the most important point we concern.

Product Category

amino acids

Food Ingredients

Greenhai supplys more than 200 kinds ingredient, including Citrate salts, Phosphate salts, Sulfate salts, Gluconate salts, etc

Surimi Crab Leg

Surimi Crab Leg

Made from deep wate fish with crab flavor, bringing great taste and high nutritions. Used in Suchi, Hotpot, Shabu-Shabu, etc.


Oden & Hotpot Food

Variety of oden&hotpot surimi food, including Chikuwa, Cuttlefish Ball, Stuffed Tofu Pocket and so on.

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